Stephen V Beckett, Maine Artist

Contact - 24 in x 30 in Oil on Canvas - 2017
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Contact - 24 in x 30 in Oil on Canvas - 2017 Inspired by Jodie Foster in the movie 'Contact'. My second edition of this study, for my nephew. Ellie is on a ride in a fantastic capsule derived from plans sent to us by an alien intelligence and decoded by the SETI program. The capsule slams to a halt. She peers out and sees four suns and as the camera pans down, a city is revealed beneath the clouds. "They're ALIVE!!!", she exclaims. It mimics my feelings exactly. We could not possibly be the only intelligent life in the universe, any more than the universe could be geocentric. (Planet Hunters Find A Planet With Four Suns)

See the art unframed.

Private Collection of Doug Hammer & Emmanuelle LeGal